The Bowri or Step-well in Shekhawati Rajasthan - Gyan Darpan


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The Bowri or Step-well in Shekhawati Rajasthan

In some of the towns of shekhawati, a Rajput ruler or merchant financced the sinking of a Bowri, Stepwell a major feat of engineering, This is a vast, masonrylined chasm reaching down to below the water lable, no mean depth in a desert region. From one end, step lead down to the water's edge. At the opposite end, adjoining the deepest part of the step-well, is a normal well shaft. Such a structure was a very striking feature in Shekhawati's towns. Most have become dry as excesive demand the  ground water drasticaly lower the water lable.

Now, they worst is that at the centre of Fatehpur, now neglected after almost 400 year service to the town. Best maintained is that at Sikar. The Mertani bowri, one of three in Jhunjhunu, has reccently been cleaned and poorly restored.
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