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Rajputs of Shekhawati

IIay Cooper write about shekhawati's Rajputs in his book "The Painted Towns of Shekhawati" - "Sons of Kings, the rulers and fighter in the system. Courage and martial skill are their highest goals. In the history of Rajasthan their standard of bravery and honour have become legendary, embracing the women no less than men would set out to die fighting clad in saffron clothes. They left the women to burn themselves to death rather than fall to the enemy.

Rajputs are divided into a number of sub-castes and many clans. The Kachhawaha sub-caste dominated in Jaipur state, the Maharaja and most of his barons of this group, Rathore, the thakurs of Churu amongst them, ruled over Bikaner and Jodhpur.

Rajputs may eat meat (not including beef or,in the case of Shekhawats, pork) and have a penchant for intoxicants. The men take a pride in their facial hair. They range from erstwhile Maharajas to the smallest cultivators. Their sons often aspire to a military career. In the urban environment caste differences are softened and Rajputs take up a variety of other occupations, as do members of other castes.

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