JKBT Biogas Promoting Program me for non-conventional energy sources - Gyan Darpan


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JKBT Biogas Promoting Program me for non-conventional energy sources

Biogas is a boon to the rural household. The multiple benefits of the biogas have changed many lives in the rural area. Under National Programme, JKBT (Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj Trust) has been implementing boigas programme in collaboration with Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology in Sikar district. The unit cost of Biogas plant is Rs.17500.00 of which JKBT contributed 23%, Govt. 45% and remaining contributed by the beneficiaries. Biogas slurry has also proved to be a nutrient-rich fertilizer, adding to increased agricultural yield.
Biogas for Domestic Purpose
Biogas has several benefits for its efficient use in cooking, lighting and farming. The Biogas Programme and its growing popularity have established the Trust as the biggest biogas promoting organization in the Rajasthan. With constant support and efforts of JKBT, biogas is used to meet household energy needs in the programme areas, such as an alternative fuel for cooking in plce of wood, use in domestic lighting and organic manure. Creating awareness among the members of SHG and farmer's club became a proven strategy for the expansion of biogas programme in the surrounding villages. A local carde of masons was trained for the construction, supervision and maintenance of biogas plants.

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