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Environmental Friendly Rural Tachnology Grameen Fridge - Appropriate

Grameen fridge is a low cost storage system for preserving farm and dairy produce. This is more beneficial during summer season to store perishable agriculture produce and maintain shelf life upto 7days. This Grameen Fridge does not need electricity to function but keeps the maximum temperature upto 10-11 degree celsius even during hot summer.

It is low cost innovative, small structure built in an open area. it is made up of bricks with cement (without plaster). A layer of sand/bricks pebbles is kept inside the two layers of bricks with bottom covered with the sand and pebbles. Two vertical and horizontal ducts of around 4" each are kept at the bottom for aeration. One of 2'x2' is kept at the top for strong vegetable inside the fridge.

The beneficiaries recommended few more innovations in Grammen Fridge. Some beneficiaries installed drip system with water tank kept on the top of top of Grameen Fridge to pour water in the sand/pebbles layer continuously. Some installed a small set of sprinkler to pour water in the sand/pebbles layer continuously, while some grew lawn grass on the top of its roof to lower down the inside temperature. Some coverd the fridge with a small roof prepared with local grass to minimize the impact direct sunrays on it.

NABARD also made collaboration with Jamnalal Kaniramram Bajaj Trust (JKBT) for promotion of Grameen Fridge. The cost of the construction of a Grameen Fridge is Rs.4100.

For More information contact to Jamnalal Kaniramram Bajaj Trust (JKBT)
Programme Office
Bajaj Bhawan, Bajaj Road, Sikar (raj) ph-01572-252710

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