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It won’t let you forget

PIM WEB SERVICES has launched a website called . The website provides reminding services to the people. “ is developed to provide email/SMS reminders. The website is useful FOR PROFESSIONALS, HOUSE WIVES, STUDENTS, schools and corporate etc. Currently we have more than 20,000 registered users across the country,” says Vivek Sinha, COO of PIM Web services. is the only such website in India unlike USA and Europe.

“ was developed to provide email/SMS reminders for any event that you would like to remember such as birthday, marriage anniversary, various bill payments etc. You never have to worry about missing a birthday, anniversary or any other special event. We have developed a highly sophisticated system that not only sends you an email/SMS on the day of the event but you also have the option of setting up to 2 reminders for the same event and requesting what time the email/SMS will be sent. With this system, the first reminder will give you enough time to prepare yourself for the forthcoming event/dates,” says President Shyam Sunder Goel.

“Many of our current features were implemented based on suggestions from our members. Rarely can you find that kind of customer service from a reminder service from a large ISP company. If anyone feels there are ways to improve, let us know. We believe we are the best Email/SMS Reminder Service out there, but we know that we can always improve,” says Gurmeet Singh, CEO of PIM Web Services.
Sachin Singh Gaur 09711904901

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