Freedom from forgetfulness

   Freedom from forgetfulness
15th August, New Delhi: India’s only reminder website which sends unlimited reminders to its users through emails and SMS  for various occasions such as birthday, anniversary, dates of utility bill payment has announced that registrations are completely free  for one  month celebrating Indian independence on 15th August.
“This is a “freedom celebration” campaign which will continue till 15th September. During that period registration is completely free which otherwise is chargeable. We charge 365 rupees a year and a user can set as many reminders for any occasion but to celebrate our freedom and give our users freedom from the habit of forgetfulness we introduce this scheme,” says Gurmeet Singh, CEO of PIM WEB services which runs 
“The range of reminders includes Family and Friends, Auto, Holidays, School, Pet Care, Finance, Beauty and Health, Work, Travel, vacation and entertainment. Users for this service include journalists, marketers, IT professionals, lawyers, doctors, salespeople, educators, researchers, and government employees,” says Gurmeet Singh. is only website of its kind in India unlike western countries where lots of website and portal offer such services. Currently the website has more than 14,000 registered users.  

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