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Eye care in monsoon

No doubt, the rainy season brings lot of happiness and joy with it but it also brings lot of bacteria and viruses which cause eye problems and infections. So it is very important during this season to care your eyes properly and take all the precautions ophthalmologists suggest to avoid eye problems. Though lot of eye problems persist in monsoon the main are Conjunctivitis, Stye, dry Eye and Swimming Pool infections. Conjunctivitis

“The surface of the white of the eye and the inner surface of eyelids is called conjunctiva. Inflammation of conjunctiva along with redness & swelling is called conjunctivitis,” says Dr. Jagmohan Sardana of Sardana Eye Institute. The common causes of conjunctivitis are infections, allergy or viral fever which reduces immunity of body. Conjunctivitis is the main eye problem during monsoon. It spreads like an epidemic,” says Dr. Sardana.


Stye is a red painful lump along the eyelid with formation of pus points. The main causes of stye are frequent rubbing of eyes with unwashed hands and bacterial infections.

Other common problems

Dryness of the eyes is another common problem in Monsoon season. Burning, itching and watering are symptoms of dry eye. Moreover, swimming pools cause lot of infections and allergy.

What to do?

“A person should consult an eye surgeon without delay and have proper treatment began. He should follow the guidelines given by the ophthalmologist and take medicine. Self medication can be risky. It should be avoided,” says Dr Sardana.

Other than that there are some basic points which should be remembered to avoid these problems.
• Maintain proper hygiene
• Never touch your eyes without washing your hands
• Never share your handkerchief or towel and other toiletries
• Wear goggles while travelling
• Avoid exposure to dust, pollution and bright sunlight
• Avoid crowded places during epidemics of conjunctivitis
• Avoid swimming during epidemics of conjunctivitis
Dr Sardana's Contact No.9811543436
By Sachin Singh Gaur

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