Who was Jodha Bai

Mugle Aajam Film, Anakali Film, Jodha Akbar film and TV serial Jodha akbar says the jodha was wife of Akbar but Nowhere in history, Jodha bai is mentioned as the wife of Akbar. No historical records or historical sources give any indication that Jodha bai was in any way related to Akbar as his wife.

Now question is who was Jodha Bai and who was her husband and what relation was between jodha bai and Akbar ? What historical records says about jodha bai.
Jodha Bai was the daughter of Motaraja Uday Singh of Jodhpur. She was married to Jahangir in june 1586. All the historical records and history book have proved this.

Jahangir Nama published by Nagripracharini Sabha, Kashi, page 25, has this reference. It says, “In 1586 Salim had three “Nikah.” First with Jagat Gosain, alias Jodhabai, daughter of Moata Raja Udai singh of Jodhpur”. On page 26 of the same Jahangir nama it is mentioned that Jagat Gosain was the daughter of Raja Udaisingh who became popular by the name of jodha bai.
Acording to the Jodhpur records, the original name of jodha bai was Manmati. In Jodhpur Rajya Ki Khyat, Vol 1 page 99 and itihasik baten page 800, by Bankidas have also mention this fact.

The Jodhpur records namely, Rajput-Mugal Matrimonial alliances, based on authentic old works in Marwari and Percian etc. in para 4 says- “after the wedding of Manmati with Prince Salim the emperor Akbar granted Mansab of 1000 and the state of Jodhpur therefore she was called by the name of Jodha Bai  ( Vide Umro Hanud page 49- Nawal Kishore Press, Lukhnow)

In Jodhpur Rajya Ka itihas vol.1- page 358,359 Gaurishankar Ojha says, -“In 1586 the marriage of the daughter of Udai singh with Prince Salim (Jahangir) took place at the house of the Raja. As she was from jodhpur, this daughter of Udai Singh is also popular by the name of “Jodha Bai”.

In para 5 of the Jodhpur records it is mentioned “Mota Raja Udai singh Rathore married his daughter Manibai (Manmati) with prince Salim (Jahangir)”. In Akbarnama the name of this princess is written Manmati while Jahangir mentioned in his Tuzuk Jahangiri as Jagat Gosain, which seem to be a title. ( Vide kaviraja Shyamal das’s Vir Vinod, Vol 3, page 815)

A.L.Srivastva in his book “Mugal Emprie” page 253, chapter on Jahangir says- “The price (Jahangir) had married several other wives, the most important of whom was Jagat Gosain or Jodha Bai, daughter of Mota raja Udai Singh”.

NCERT Book ‘Medieval India’ page 207 history text book for class xi by Satish Chandra says, “To strengthen his position, Udai Singh married his daughter, Jagat Gosain or Jodha Bai as she came to be called, to Akbar’s eldest son Salim….the bridegrooms party went to the Raja’s house in barata”. This book is being taught to school children throughout the country.

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