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Rajasthani Love Story : Dhola Maru

Among many love story popular in Rajasthan. Dhola Maru is extremely popular and is known among the rajasthanis. One can understand its popularity by the fact that the hero of the story Dhola who existed in 8th centaury is still remembered and every couple is entailed with Dhola-Maru. This is not all. In every love song ladies normally address there beloved as Dhola. It has now become Synonymous of husband . the rural ladies of Rajasthan even today and there days sing songs of Dhola and Maru.

The hero of the story Dhola was son of king Nal of Narwar state in MP. He become popular as Ddhola in later year. Dhola got married when he was a kid with daughter of king Panwar’s Maruvani. Panwar was king of state Poongal. When they got married Dhola was 3 and Maruvani was 1.5 year old. Since both of them were very uong so Maravni was not send with Dhola. When they grew up Dhola was married to Malwani and he almost forgot the childhood incident.

When Marvani grew up her parents sent massage to Dhola to come and take his wife Marvani. The new wife received massage about Dhola’s child marriage and heard that Marvani is extremely beautiful and there’s nobody beautiful like her. Out of jealous she killed almost all messengers who come with Poongal’s massage about child marriage and made all efforts to ensure that massage did not reach Dhola. On the other side the nourishing youth showed its color. One night see saw her beloved in her dream and since then started parting longing his mat. She lost interest form the world, other then her husband. Her mother again insisted her husband to inform Dhola about it. He thought that all messengers were being killed by Malwani so he should send some singer who could go there sing entertain and pass on the massage to king Dhola and make him remember of his childhood marriage with as Marvani. When singer was about to leave Marvani called him and gave him couplets to be song in Maru Rag. She suggest him how to sing it and present it in front of Dhola. The singer promised that if he would be alive and would come back then would defiantly bring Dhola along.

The cunning sing a managed to enter Dhola’s court and present his song. As it grew night dark he started singing loudly.

That was a cloudy night and it was lightening in sky in dark. In the light shower and silent environment the singer started singing in Malhar Rag. The sweet song echoed in kings ear and Dhola become anxious in music. The singer clearly sang.

“ढोला नरवर सेरियाँ, धण पूंगल गलियांह|”

Dhola socked when he heard Poongal and Maruvani in the song. He suddenly this memory refreshed. The singer described every thing in Maru Rag and elaborated Maruvani’s beauty in such way as if he opened a book in fornt of him. He shacked in despair.

The singer sang over night. In the morning when Dhola called and asked him he described Maruvani’s how about. Finally Dhola decided to bring Maruvani to his palace but Malwani engaged him in other deeds and managed to stop him.

One day Dhola reached Poongal and meet to Maruvani.Maruvani meet Dhola and danced in joy. Both spent many days together in Poongal and one day Dhola asked Kingal Pingal to leave for Narvar along with Maruvani. It is said that a snake bit Marvani and god shiv along with Parvati spared his life. Past morning ahead they were caught in conspiracy created by Umra-Sumra who wanted Marwani . He was waiting with his group on there way. Dhola left her sittion on camel and got down to talk to Umra . The singer was singing and Dhola was talking to umala. The singer’s wife knew about conspiracy of Umala-Sumla and she made Marwani aware of it.

Marwani knocked camel’s stomach in such a way that it started running. Marwani screamed and Dhola ran behind camel as soon as he come new camel Maru whispered that its danger here jump up the camel. Dhola jumped and climbed over camel. Umar-sumara chased them on there horses but they could not get hold of camel.

After reaching his kingdom he lived with marwani and malvani happily . Dhola had a son Laxman ; Laxman’s son was Bhanu and Bhanu’s sun was the grate emperor Brajdama who won his lost empire of Gwalior and embrace Kachwaha. Later a child of his family Dulhiraj came to rajasthan .

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