Mandawa Fort Shekhawati (Rajasthan) - Gyan Darpan


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Mandawa Fort Shekhawati (Rajasthan)

Mandawa Fort Shekhawati Rajasthan
The fort of Mandawa was founded in the 18th century. Thakur Nawal Singh, son of Shardul Singh, founded the fort in 1812 (1755 AD). The fort dominates the town with a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. 
Built as per a medieval theme, the castle of Mandawa is adorned with beautiful frescoes. Rooms in the palace are decorated with paintings of Lord Krishna, exquisite carvings and amazing mirror work. The palace's Durbar Hall houses a number of antiques and paintings. 

 Mandawa Fort
Mandawa Hotel
Hotel In Fort
Fort in Shekhawati
Shekhawati's Fort
Fort & Palace

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