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Once in a city there were four brothers. All the four were very wise. Each one was better than the other one. They were extremely brainy so much so that their stories were well known in villages and cities nearby. People started calling them “Wise Brothers”. One was Ann, the second was Bon, the third was Cod and the fourth one was Deb.

One day all four decided that they should go to some big city to earn money and by struggling for their livelihood they would get chance to test their wisdom also periodically. It is said that lazy Lawrence sit at home and eat whereas wise people work to add fame and wealth in their lives. All got ready with their horses to move to some big city.
After travelling a lot and covering a big distance they saw footprints of a camel that passed from the way before them.
“These footprints are of a female Camel and not of a male” said the first brother Ann.
“You are right Ann. This is a female Camel and is one eyed” said Bon.
Cod said” You both are correct. However, I have an observation that says out of the two riders one is male and other is female.”
Deb added and said” your surmise is in right direction and I think the lady rider is pregnant.”
Post inspecting the area and footprints on sand all four ran their horses in the direction of footprints to check if their surmise is correct or not. They wanted to chase the camel riders and reach them to test their wisdom.
Soon they were near ere near camel rider. Camel rider got scared when he saw four horse riders chasing him. He thought he has been surrounded by dacoits and punks who are following him now. He ran his camel with full speed and entered a city. All four brothers also entered the city chasing the camel. As as camel rider entered the town he complained about the incident to police inspector of the city in the nearest police station.
He said” Four horse riders are chasing us. Please help us.”
The inspector started interrogating the brothers to know if they are dacoits. While interrogation they disclosed that they left their city in search of some work. If they will get something there in the city they would stay the inspector observed their dalliance and personality and thought they can be useful for the king. So, he took them all to the king. He presented brothers in front of king and described the camel following incident.

King expressed the scarcity and need of good workers in his kingdom and said that he needs good people and at the same time asked them the reason for following the camel rider.
Firstly, Ann spoke and said” your highness, the moment we saw foot prints we all concluded that it should be of a She-Camel. The Camel should be one-eyed and should have been ridden by two riders, one male and other female. The female rider should have been pregnant.
After hearing them king became anxious to know more about what happened next. He called the camel rider and asked him “Where were you coming from and with whom?”
Camel rider said “Oh Provider! I went to bring my wife from her maternal house and was coming back from there.”
King asked again “okay, tell me if your camel is one eyed and is missing the left one.”
Camel Rider” Yes God! My camel is one eyed.”
King was shocked to know it. He asked in surprise- “How did you guess so accurately. Please explain in detail.”

Ann replied- I saw urine drops along with foot prints and recognized the smell of it, I concluded that the camel should be female.
Bon said” The camel was eating plants and leaves form the right side of the road only and not from left. So we concluded that it was one- eyed.” It did not even touch a single leaf from left.
Cod says- “The camel riders got down on the way. We inspected their footprints which were clearly saying that one is male and other is female.
At the end Deb said that foot prints of lady had some extra weight by which I concluded that she is pregnant.
King acknowledged their wisdom and hired them for a handsome salary n his court. While offering them the jobs he politely asked “What all skills do you all have?”
Ann said –“If I decide and sit somewhere I intentionally then nobody can move me from there by any effort.”
Bon-“I have skill of recognizing edible products by their smell.”
Cod- “I have skill of identifying good bedding.”
Deb- “I can make any provoked or sad person happy with in fraction of seconds and with ease.”

King decided to test them someday. One day it so happened that everybody was sitting on a very big carpet together since a very long time along with four brothers. King ordered to dust the carpet once. Everybody shifted away from the carpet area when it was being dusted but Ann was sitting at the corner of the carpet. So he pulled it and released the carpet for dusting. King saw it and got that he would not move from his point now.
The same evening King invited all four brothers for dinner and asked them to comment on food. Everybody present in the arena appreciated the food but Bon said “I am sorry you highness. However rice had smell of cow urine in it. King the very same moment called his cooks and asked how rice had cow urine smell.
The head cook replied “sir, While bringing rice from village It started raining heavily. So to save ourselves from being drenched in water we took shelter in a dairy farm. There a cow passed urine on our rice bags. We washed rice thoroughly but could not remove this smell.
King was pleased by Bon’s skill and he awarded them bedding from his palace to sleep. Brothers took rest and slept there at night.
In the morning Cod said to the king” Bed had rabbit’s tail which kept pinching me the whole night and I could not sleep well.” King ordered his men to tear the bedding and check. The bed really had a tail in it. King was amused with Cod’s skill. However, he wanted to test Deb also.
For him he called the queen and said, “We want to test Deb. You please act to be annoyed and go out of town in the garden. I will send Deb to bring you. Ensure not to come along with him for whatever he does.”
Queen went out of the city and became annoyed. King called Deb and asked him to bring queen back to the palace. Deb bought gifts and various marriage related articles from market and while returning passed from the front gate of the same park where queen was waiting. He decided to meet queen before going back.
When Deb met queen she asked “Where are you coming from and what this material is for? It seems it’s for somebody’s marriage.” Deb replied “King is doing second marriage today. I am taking this to palace.”
Queen asked in shock if king is really getting married again.
Deb said “Yes. It is correct. That’s why may be he has sent you out of town.” Queen got scared when she heard it and suspected king for it. She asked her maid to get a chariot ready and started for palace the same moment.
Deb saluted king after reaching palace and said “Oh Lord! Queen is back in palace and is happy.”
King saw that queen was coming to him in annoyance and after reaching started fighting with him for lying.
“You are trying to ditch me? You cannot marry again till I am alive.” King tried to convince her for his innocence. In this way all four brothers were successful in their tests.
Translate by : Pragya dasson

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