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Real Estate Dealing Goes Online; Launches Today

Mumbai, July 28, 2012: With the thriving real estate industry and larger number of people dealing in this space, few IIT and Harvard alumni have garnered their resources to cater to the booming market. However, they intend to do so with taking Real Estate dealing to the World Wide Web. The online portal focuses on property dealings primarily in Mumbai and the team is based out of Nariman Point.

Explaining the rationale behind the launch of this innovative concept, Mr Shri Hari:, said, “The founders have worked with Multinational Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital firms, Investment Banks and Stock Broking firms in India and US. We came across several difficulties while setting up offices for their respective organizations in India.

They further emphasized on how they wasted most of their time dealing with brokers, who would take them to places not as per their liking, required area, location and budget. While interacting with prospective Owners / Landlords, they further learned that their ordeal was no different. Brokers brought prospective clients who did not meet any of their criteria and there were always hassles with the budget, required area or the duration of lease period required and availability never matched.

Realizing the need to cater to these pain areas, they launched “ is the only site in India that lets Sellers/Landlords deal directly with Buyers/ Tenants and helps both parties with negotiations, legal assistances and fulfilling of all regulatory requirements in India’s unregulated real estate market.”

The core idea of the portal is to evade the middleman and help you connect with prospective Buyers, Tenants or Property Owners. also has been tying up with several MNCs, Banks, Corporates, Educational Institutions, NRIs and HNIs who provide a regular demand or supply of flats, offices, shops, land etc.

About :- is an online real-estate service dedicated to help you take right decisions related to buying, selling and renting of properties in and around Mumbai. It allows Buyer/Seller and Owner/ Tenant to deal directly with each other, without involving the Broker/Agent, thus saving the Brokerage/ Commission and most importantly your precious time. To complete a real-estate deal in Mumbai you have to deal with several allied parties, hence to make it easier for you, provides with the support from experts to help you in negotiation, legal work and various other formalities involved. You can end your search for not only Apartments, Flats, Offices but also properties involved with short-term rental like Service Apartments, B&B, Paying Guest Accommodation and Business Centers by registering here. endows the users an opportunity to avail the deal with ‘No Broker, No Brokerage’.

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