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Miracle plant Aloe Vera

Thanks for invited me as a author of famous blog Gyan Darpan and feel very much proud to being a part of this, which has really a treasury of knowledge.
Today i am going to write about world largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera and products of the hive and exceeded the 13000 million mark in worldwide retail sales till December 2009 .
I am going to talk about Forever living product yes ,the only company which has over 10 million distributors in over 145 countries worldwide and after being a business for over 32 years has established a name that is synonymous with trust and reliability.

Rex Moughan is the Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Forever Living Product International and other Forever Group of companies that touches disciplines that range from direct sales,agriculture,manufacturing,leisure, property,livestock and charities. For years he had searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in his life -- better health and financial freedom.

Forever Living Product are one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of Aloe Vera providing consumers with a variety of natural based beauty products and dietary supplements.

Our Nutritional Products are of the highest quality and manufactured from select ingredients using advanced technology to ensure that the human body receives all vitamins,minerals and other essential nutrients that the body requires every day.

Now something about Aloe Vera - The plant of many surprises. it flourishes in warm and dry climates,and to many its look like cactus with fleshy thorny leaves. In fact it is a member of the Lily family, staying moist where other plants wither and die by closing its pores to prevent moisture loss.

There are over 300 species of Aloe, but it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant which has been of most use to mankind because of the medicinal and nutrition properties it displays.

Our company FLP ensure that always bring to you the best and purest form of Aloe Vera - 100% stabilized Aloe Vera GEL.

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